Cheap Life Insurance Quotes Which Is Better Term Or Whole Life Insurance?

Which type of insurance policy do you consider is a better option, term or whole life insurance? Well I think, both are different policies serving different needs. Term life and whole life insurance policies both have their own strength and weaknesses and therefore both cannot even be compared. If you are living in UK then it is very important that you decide on a right life insurance policy.

In the past, all insurance policies were term insurance and covered just life. However, with time and consumer awareness they felt let down by the benefits that they should get after paying the premium over twenty to thirty years. They felt it was unfair and a drain on their resources, therefore, life insurance companies designed whole life policy that gave them the choice of investment option to build cash value over a period of time.

Here are a few of the most important features of term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance, covers just life, premiums are paid just for the fixed term and are relatively cheaper and beneficiary is entitled only for death benefits. If the policyholder lives after this term ends, no benefits are passed on. It covers just life and has no further benefits to it. In contrast, whole life insurance looks after both your life as well as your investment. Premiums are a lot expensive and have to be paid for entire life. Beneficiary is entitled to benefits in case of death. If the policyholder lives after set term, the policyholder gets cash value accumulated on it. Cash value accumulated is tax-deferred.

So, which one do you think is better for you? Well, as illustrated above we can distinguish that both these policies are distinct and have their own pros and cons. Term life insurance is beneficial to those who normally have excellent health and pursue healthy lifestyle. They can stay away from huge premiums and decide on other better investment tools. On the other hand, whole life insurance is beneficial to those who are by now suffering from various medical problems and cover is essential. It usually works fine for those who are affluent enough and know they can pay large premiums for the entire lifetime. If possible, the blend of both term life insurance and whole life insurance is the most excellent way to go forward for any individual.

Besides, it is essential to know, why you are buying life insurance. You will be more satisfied once you understand why you need to purchase the policy by considering on your needs and its significance. Be familiar with your requirements that need to be covered. In addition, decide on the person who gets the benefits. As soon as you decide on this, begin shopping for quotes from different sources like the insurance agents, visiting offices of several life insurers and online websites having comparing devices. Evaluate the quotes by comparing, the sum assured, premiums, additional offers, they are providing. Decide on the policy that suits your needs in the most excellent way and at the lowest cost offered.

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