Six Sure-Fire Modern Website Marketing Strategies

It's time that you and I get serious about fixing our website problems that are hampering growth. We have really neglected gluing our great content that solves surfer's problems in places where they go. Modern site marketing is vital, but we have never thought about implementing it in our online businesses.

I am going to tell you where surfers go and then you should strive to make sure that your content is found there. Following targeted surfers where they go online is vital. By doing this, you win them and get new ones into your site without spending any buck. All it requires is your commitment. Ready? Here we go'

# Surfers like going to directories, I mean sites that list articles according to various topics. They go there since they are searching for answers to solve something that is really bothering them. They want a straight forward answer that solves their problems.Submit your content in form of articles to as many directories as possible. Use your resource box or Bio to direct these surfers to your website. By doing this you will increase traffic that grows your online business.
# Surfers go to blogs, they like blogging and sharing information. Through blogs, they are able to solve nagging issues in their lives .You should market your online business through blogs. Inform targeted surfers about your site concept through syndicating your content using RSS [Really Simple Syndication].
# Targeted surfers will come to know new happenings in your online business through ezine. Surfers read ezines for the ultimate purpose of solving their problems. Have a newsletter subscription form in your site so that surfers can subscribe to it. Through it, you will be informing your targeted surfer's about new contents in your online business.
# Surfers go to emails to check new happenings and updates. Have email contacts of your surfers so that you can be informing and following them wherever a need arises. If you email them to inform them about your new product or service, they may circulate this email among their relatives and friends. By this you gain new targeted surfers.
# Market your website through press release. Surfers go to sites that list them to search for information. Submitting press releases about your site concept will make surfers aware bout it. Most of your competitors will not submit them to these sites since they don't write them. So, take advantage about this fact and reach many targeted surfers.
# Twitter and facebook is where thousands of surfers go. Surfers also go to bookmarking site to search for information. Reach these thousands surfers by gluing your content there. Leave a link of your website so that when they click it, they will be directed to your website.

All these strategies will be only effective if you provide great content that has got benefits that surfers are searching for.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Its important to determine the subject of your story. It can be about an event that affects your industry, or it can be about a change in your company that will affect your customer base.

  2. wow great post you have here, it never enough if we talk about it. Nice tips you have here.....keep blogging n have nice days

  3. There's also pay per click advertising and search engine optimization.