Home Party Business Ideas

A home party plan business is the perfect business for a busy family. Frequently a family will need extra income to make ends meet and yet all the wage earners are already working full time. A home party business is perfect to supplement the household finances without taking time away from the quality of family life.

Why Direct Selling Party Plan?

There are two main reasons why a direct selling or party plan business is a good way to increase income for a busy family.

More Quality Family time

Reduce Tax Liability

The person who joins a home party company can work from home and therefore stay connected to the family. Normally when a family needs a second or third job the wage earner does not have enough good quality time at home because the second job takes them away from the family. When working from home the stress on the family and the stress on the direct sales consultant is reduced.

Direct Selling & IRS Home Business Deductions

Working from home also provides additional cash resources in the household budget due to a decrease in tax liabilities when the IRS home office deduction is applied. Even if the direct selling business does not generate a profit the family can still use the home office deduction to reduce taxes on the primary income source provided certain guidelines are followed. All businesses who maintain an office are permitted to deduct the expense of the upkeep of the office. Working at home is no exception. Frequently this will allow a family to reduce the tax liability of both wage earners IRS payments. Things like rent, utilities and household supplies are now shared by the "office" and the home. Certain guidelines must be adhered in applying the home office deduction. This alone will free up some money in the household budget to relieve some financial burden the family may be experiencing by just working a job. The tax structure in the United States applies to two basic types of income: the business owner and the wage earner. The IRS home business deduction allows regular people to move into the world of the business owner when working from home

Best Home Business Tips

The top 5 best business tips for new home party plan consultants are:

Write a schedule. Like any job you must work consistently to get paid.

Go to team meetings! It is different to have your own business than to "go to work" so you should get some training.

Don't depend on friends and family for business. It is okay to ask them to host your first shows but they can not keep your business rolling along forever.

Study marketing. If you hate sales then this is the wrong business for you. Marketing skills can be learned.

Be excited! If you can not be excited about your company then you picked the wrong company. People love to do business with excited people!

Success in any business including party plan requires commitment, determination and a willingness to learn. Anyone can be successful at the home party business, yet many new consultants never attain their dreams. Like any business you must put the effort into it in order to get paid.

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