How To Increase Your Alexa Rank

Alexa is a website that provides traffic details about various websites. Alexa rank is based on the amount of users who visit a particular website with the Alexa tool bar installed. It might look silly, if you look at the definition provided by Alexa site but how ever, it has become an important factor for advertisers and web masters in evaluating a website. For example, Text Link Ads and Sponsored Reviews are few websites that determine the quality of a blog with Alexa Rank.

1.Quality Content- I feel this is the key to success for your blog. I don't mean to say you should write posts that are very rich in content. I simply want to convey that be genuine in what you write. Don't copy, paste a content from some other site.

2.Alexa Toolbar- Get the Alexa Toolbar, install it on your computer. Later, set your blog or site as the home page. Adopt this method to as many computers as possible. I mean on your office computers, friend's PC and so on.

3.Spread Your Article- Once your write a post about topics that interests your friend, then make sure you spread that post through forums, twitter,digg, and through other social networking sites. Moreover, make sure you submitted your site to all the search engines. If not, click here.

4.Alexa Sparky- This method is quite simple and similar to the method two. Install Alexa sparky (A Firefox add on) on your computer. Every time you visit your own blog, information about your blog is quickly sent to Alexa including the hits to your site which, in turn, will vastly improve your rank with Alexa.

5.Alexa Widgets- Install the Alexa Rank widget(Get this widget) on every web page of your blog. I found through a website that each click on "Alexa Rank" widget installed web page counts as a visit even if the visitor does not use the Alexa tool bar.

I am very sure that the above methods will make your rank better in Alexa simply because they worked well for me and I am not an expertise by any means. There might be several other methods that worked well for your site, please do share them here.


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