How To Setting Blog

Before, I have posted about how to register on blogspot, and now I will post about how to setting blogspot before you start blogging.
There are some settings that must be done in the blog so that blog can be recognized by search engine. If you do not know what should be in the settings, please follow the steps:

Please sign in to your blogger account, and select settings and basic.

Title >> fill with your title blog, example : cubadak angek

Description >> Fill with the description of your blog

Add your blog to our listings? >> Select yes

Let search engines find your blog? >> Select yes

Show Quick Editing on your Blog? >> Select yes

Show Email Post links? >> I recommend to choose yes

Adult Content? >> Select no, if your blog does not contain pornography

Show Compose Mode for all your blogs? >> select yes

Enable transliteration? >> select No

Click Save Settings

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