Alexa Rank for monetizing your blog

When I first make my blog I did not know about google page rank, alexa rank, feed subscriber and did not pay attention about all of them. So that time when I applied in some network like text-link-ads, pay per post, sharedreview did not accept my application. Thereafter I tried to know why they did not accept my application. After lot of study I came to know that they accept application as per the quality of the bog. Quality means the measurement of google pagerank, alexa rank, number of feed subscriber of the blogs etc.Here I want to discuss about the importance of alexa rank of any website or blog.

What is alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a rank for a specific website or blog, which is given according to the number of visitor that visited a website with alexa toolbar installed. The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users. The data is calculated as per the reach and number of page views for all sites on the web on a daily basis.

Alexa gather web usage information from all users that installed with alexa toolbar and inform the alexa toolbar installed community about improved related links, Traffic Rankings etc. Whenever an Alexa Toolbar user visits a web page, the Alexa Toolbar retrieves information from the Alexa servers to suggest other pages that might be of interest to the user.

Importance of alexa rank for monetizing blog

When it comes to monetize your blog or website alexa rank is a very important factor. A lower number of alexa rank means the high quality of blog and a higher number of alexa rank means poor quality blog. ReviewMe, Sponsores Reviews, Text Link Ads are some network which calculate blog quality as per alexa rank. If your blog has good alexa rank then you can sell your ad with more price or the money you get per post in your blog will also increase.

How to increase alexa rank?

For get started with alexa first you have to download alexa toolbar from their site. After installed, this toolbar inform you the alexa rank for every sites and other related sources about the sites. There are some method by which you can increase your rank to some position, but to bring your alexa rank to some 10,000 or 1,000 is not so easy, because of high competition among the websites.

There are some technique that can help you for increase your rank, but these techniques are not proven way. For increase the alexa rank for a long run I recommend you to write quality content in your blog. A blog with high quality content always receive high amount of traffic and links. So alternatively it help you for increasing alexa rank. I am using below techniques and it is helping me for increasing my blog ranking.

1.Install alexa toolbar and put your blog as home page is most basic step for increasing alexa rank.

2.Put alexa traffic rank widget on your blog. It display your blog ranking. You will see your alexa rank is increasing day by day, if you follow these steps.

3. Encourage people to install alexa toolbar. You may write post about alexa and how alexa help for increasing traffic. Tell your friends, family people to download alexa toolbar. If you work in office then download alexa toolbar on all of the computers and put your blog or website as homepage. This is only useful if the computers of your office use different IP.

4. Join forums and tell forum webmaster to visit your blog. Because forum webmasters use alexa toolbar. So if your blog has quality content and helpful topic forum master will interested to visit your blog and leave a feed back.

5. Join Asian social network sites or forums. Some webmaster suggest that asian web users are big fan of alexa toolbar. So you will get many visitors on your blog with alexa toolbar installed. If you know about (one of the social community site) then you may scrap or join the asian community in orkut .

6. Join social networking sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit and submit your popular blog post in those sites. It will help you gain massive amount of traffic, so indirectly help increasing your alexa rank.

7. Optimize your popular post which get consistently search engine traffic and put an alexa widgets or graph below the post with your alexa post url.

There are also some other techniques, but all above techniques are some basic techniques, which greatly help you for increasing alexa rank. I am using thsese technique for increasing alexa rank and it is helping me for increasing my alexa rank


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