Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is a new release and some websites may not yet be ready for the new browser. Click the Compatibility View toolbar button to display the website as viewed in Internet Explorer 7, which will correct display problems like misaligned text, images, or text boxes. This option is on a per site basis and all other sites will continue to display with Internet Explorer 8 functionality. When you click on the Compatibility View button for a site, you don’t need to do it again as the next time you visit that site the browser will show it in compatibility mode. If for some reason you’d like to go back to browsing with Internet Explorer 8 functionality on that site.

You can maintain a list within Internet Explorer 8 for sites that should be displayed in Compatibility View. From the Command Bar, select Tools, and then select Compatibility View Settings to add and remove sites from this list. There are also options for viewing all websites and intranet sites in Compatibility View.

Top 8 reasons to download Internet Explorer 8

1. It's faster than ever.
Surfing the web is now quicker than ever, thanks to performance enhancements that reduce how long it takes you to do a task. For example? A more intuitive address bar.

2. It's easier than ever.
You don't have to open up a new window to find information like driving directions—now you can get that info easily using one of our Accelerators.

3. It's safer than ever.
No matter what you're doing, you'll stay safer using the SmartScreen filter. You're instantly better protected against malicious software that can compromise your privacy and identity.

4. Keep up with the stuff that matters to you.
Whether it's news, stock quotes, or even auction items, now you can stay on top of sites that update frequently using Web Slices.

5. See any site easily.
View sites with ease, even if they were designed for an older browser, with one click on the Compatibility View button.

6. Recover from crashes quickly.
Came across a site that caused a tab to crash? No worries, your browser session is stable, thanks to new tab isolation and crash recovery features.

7. Surf with more privacy.
InPrivate Browsing gives you the option to prevent browsing history, cookies, usernames and passwords from being retained by the browser.

8. Make it yours.
Customize your browser by choosing from an ever growing collection of handy and easy-to-use Internet Explorer 8 add-ons from the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery

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