Off page Website and SEO

We’ve gone over the onpage seo web design and optimization, so let’s move on to the offpage search engine marketing and SEO which is what really makes a difference in your site’s ranking. Off Page Optimization is done outside the website in order to increase its performance in search engines for the desired keywords.

• Which websites link to you
• The number of websites linking to you
• The Google pagerank of the web site linking to you
• The page title of the web site pointing to you
• The anchor text used in the URL pointing to you
• The number and type of links linking to the website that’s linking to you.
• The number of outbound links on the website that is linking to you
• The total number of links on the website that is linking to you
• No matter the web sites linking to you are thought by Yahoo or Google as an important web site.

The major offpage SEO techniques are as follows:
Link Campaign: One of the important parts of search engine optimization is building of links with the partners. Link building expands link popularity which in turn high the google pagerank of the special web page. Link exchange is one of the very important method of the OffPage Optimization.
Social networking: Social network service refers to the several online social communities where the members share the similar interests and activities. Examples of such websites are MySpace and Orkut.
Directory Listings: Submission of the website to the directories will definitely enhance the generation of the traffic and link popularity of the particular website. Directories include list of websites that are meticulously checked. The directories are differentiated into several relevant topic categories which give information to the customers. Web directories are human edited and are much smaller than the search engine database.
Article Distribution: Article distribution is the modern trend of off-page optimization. An article with relevant keyword is written and the uniform resource locator of the self-owned website is placed at the end of article. Thus when the article is submitted in the popular article websites the traffic is generated to the self-owned website. Within less time, the website owner will receive potential buyers in the effective manner.
While doing off page optimization one should research and come up with multiple Anchor Texts containing the recommended density of keywords/keyword phrases. If you are unfamiliar with the term “Anchor Text”, it is the hyperlinked text that is placed on the Web Page which links back to your page.

Improvement in SERP or Search Engine Ranking Positions: It is the list of the web pages which a search engine returns according to the keyword query. The results generally incorporate the web pages with link to the page, titles, a brief description showing where the keywords have similar content in the webpage.


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