The End Of The Recession Has Done Nothing For Mortgages And Remortgages

Mortgages, remortgages and homeowner loans all declined during the recession.

This did not come as a complete surprise as there was a general lack of confidence and many feareed that they would face unemployment.

Many companies even of long standing ceased trading.

No matter what happens in this country one institution that has always stood at the centre of the community, and is well frequented in this country,and especially in the small rural villages in England, namely the public house , saw many of these drinking establishments close down

In some villages it was a sad site to see the old thatched pub which had been the focal point of village life since the eighteenth century lying empty with its windows and doors boarded up

The playground where the children had played happily while their parents enjoyed a social drink was now filled with debris and weeds instead of the laughter of little children and listening to the laughter of children is like listening in on heaven.

If our local watering holes are closing down there was little hope of other sectors geting through the recession.

The construction industry was one of the most seriously affected of the industries in this country and thousands of people were made unemployed leaving some housing estates with unfinished homes making it all the more difficult to sell the properties which were actually completed and up for sale.

Both new built properties and older properties were not selling as people choose not to move home.

As a result the demand for mortgages fell as almost all consumers do in fact require a mortgage to buy a property and cash buyers are and always have been thin on the ground

Just as mortgages, the home loans needed to buy a property fell, so too did remortgages which is when a homeowner moves from one mortgage lender to another to either simply obtain a lower rate of interest or to obtain additional funds which can be used for almost any purpose.

The fall in remortgage applications was two fold, the first reason for the fall again being lack of confidence and seconly because low remortgage and also mortgage rates only apply to those with a lot of equity in their property.

The lowest rates are avilable at a maximum of 60% loan to value which means for example that if a homeowner requires a mortgage of

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